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Yoga Mind and Body or Breast Cancer For Dummies

Yoga Mind and Body

Author: Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centr

Develop your mental and physical potential, take control of the stress and tension of everyday living, and learn to nourish your mind and body with Yoga Mind & Body. Vetted by the expert staff of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, this guide stresses the five points of exercise, breathing, meditation, diet, and relaxation for improved health and happiness. In addition to basic yoga poses, Yoga Mind & Body provides meditation tools, stress relief exercises, and recipes for healthful nutrition.

School Library Journal

YAA book that promotes the idea of strong minds and bodies in an appealing manner. Each page has colorful illustrations, charts, and large print. The straightforward presentation is devoid of New Age jargon and will lead readers to an appreciation and comprehension of this ancient art. Five main principles of yoga based on the tenet of "simple living and high thinking" are introduced. Each one is explained and illustrated in a separate section of the book. The chapter on proper exercise is the longest section and goes through a complete workout session with full-color photographs and drawings of each position. The mental and physical benefits of each position are listed as well as possible problems, and variations for different skill levels. The chapter on vegetarian diet has 20 pages of recipes using familiar ingredients and utensils.Penny Stevens, Fairfax County Public Library, VA

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Breast Cancer For Dummies

Author: Monica Morrow MD

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with breast cancer, you're probably confused, afraid, shocked, or even angry. Or you may be all of the above. Let this book become your trusted manual. Discover more about the cancer, explore treatment options, find ways to make this part of your life easier. Let shared experiences serve as your knowledgeable guide and anchor to help you make wise and confident choices.

Think of breast cancer as a journey and this book as your roadmap. Have you already been diagnosed? In that case, this book can help you explore these important truths:

  • Breast cancer is not a death sentence. Most women diagnosed with early stage breast cancer can look forward to enjoying a healthy, full life.
  • Not only are you unique as a person, but so, too, is your particular form of cancer, your treatment options, and your prognosis.
  • Every day more is discovered about how to prevent, detect earlier, and more effectively treat breast cancer.
  • You are not alone. More than two million women in the United States today are breast cancer survivors. Thousands of groups and programs across the country offer support, and chances are, one is close to your neighborhood.

All the information in this book is based on the most recent research findings, the clinical expertise of oncologists, and the invaluable experiences of the women who have walked this road before. Breast Cancer For Dummies covers all of the following topics and more in simple, easy-to-understand terms:

  • Coming to grips with breast cancer
  • Decoding your pathology report
  • Finding the right treatment for you
  • Rekindling intimacy aftertreatment
  • Health Insurance and money woes
  • Talking to children about breast cancer

This book can help you feel like you have a sister who's a doctor, a sister who tells you what to expect every step of the way, who gives you the best advice she can, and guides you along the way. (Of course, there is absolutely no replacement for advice about you from your own doctor.) You'll feel empowered to know and understand what's going on in your body, so that you can become a part of your own treatment team and make decisions along with your doctors and your family.

Table of Contents:
About This Book2
Foolish Assumptions2
Conventions Used in This Book3
How This Book Is Organized3
Icons Used in This Book6
Where to Go from Here6
Part IWill My Hair Fall Out? Coming to Grips with Breast Cancer7
Chapter 1Tackling Breast Cancer One Step at a Time9
Starting Right Back at the Shocking News10
Searching for Treatment10
Predicting Your Prognosis11
Talking with Family and Friends11
Seeking Out Others12
Taking Care of Business13
Moving Forward with the Rest of Your Life13
Chapter 2Getting Hands On with Your Breasts15
Being Best Friends with Your Breasts15
Taking Matters into Your Own Hands: Breast Self-Exams Can Save Your Life18
Bumping into a Lump21
Chapter 3Understanding and Reducing Your Risk25
Assessing the Odds26
Facing Risks You Can't Change26
Regarding the Risks You Control33
Calculating Your Risk: Choosing a Model That's Right for You38
Chapter 4Rebellion of the Mutated Genes: Reviewing Breast Cancer41
The Lowdown on Cancer: What It Is, What It Does41
Staying in Place or Running Rampant: Classifying Breast Cancer46
Finding Out How Far It Has Spread: Staging Breast Cancer52
Part IIAll Kinds of Oses--Diagnoses, Prognoses, and Treatment Options53
Chapter 5Warming Up to Mammography, Sticking It Out During Biopsy55
What's Black and White and Round all Over? Picturing a Mammogram56
Bringing on the Biopsy69
Chapter 6Decoding Your Pathology Report77
Looking Under the Microscope78
Reviewing the Report79
Chapter 7Who Knew That All Cancer Is Also a Stage?87
Understanding the Staging System88
Staging a Cell Coup94
Chapter 8Understanding Your Prognosis: Am I Going to Die?99
Prognosticating: Just a Prediction100
Peeking at Other Predictors103
Survival Statistics105
Chapter 9You Mean I Have a Choice? Finding the Right Treatment for You107
Going to Bat for You: The Treatment Team108
Turning the Tables and Testing the Doctor112
Reviewing Treatment Options by Stage116
Being Pregnant: Special Considerations138
Rolling Hot Off the Presses: Recent Developments139
Part IIIBuckling Up--Traveling Through Treatment141
Chapter 10Knowing What to Expect from Surgery143
Studying the Surgeries143
Easing into Presurgery150
Heading in to Surgery154
You're Going Home158
Confronting Surgery's Emotional Consequences164
Chapter 11Knowing What to Expect from Radiation Therapy167
Opening Fire via Radiation168
Giving Radiation a Thumbs Up: Effectiveness168
Knowing Nearly Every Pro and Con171
Preparing Yourself for Treatment172
They Don't Call It a Regimen Because It's Easy176
Sticking It Out During Symptoms179
Chapter 12Knowing What to Expect from Chemotherapy181
Opening Fire via Chemo181
Giving Chemo a Thumbs Up: The Good News183
Deciding Whether Chemo Is Right for You188
Calling Up the Regimen(t) to Wage War on Cancer Cells192
Sticking It Out during Symptoms202
Chapter 13Knowing What to Expect from Hormone Therapy211
Throwing a Monkey into the Multiplying Wrench212
Putting Tamoxifen on the Scale: Weighing Risks and Benefits213
Scoping out Other Hormone Treatments215
Sticking It Out During Symptoms217
Future Prospects220
Chapter 14Giving Complementary Therapies Kudos221
Defining Terms: It Matters221
Distinguishing the Good from the Bad223
Giving Complementary Therapies a Compliment224
Chapter 15Regarding Reconstruction231
Looking Over Some Options232
Questions to Ask When Considering Reconstruction of Your Breast237
So Many Options, but Just One Chest241
Knowing What to Expect after Surgery248
Chapter 16Duking It Out with Recurrence251
Reckoning with Recurrence251
Predicting the Future, Part II253
Getting Nasty with Metastasis258
Asking Your Doctor260
Chapter 17Boxing Back at the Double Whammy: Health Insurance and Money Woes263
Uncovering Your Insurance Coverage263
Getting Money from the Feds (for a Change)269
Paying Out of Pocket272
Looking to the Law274
Part IVLiving Life After Diagnosis277
Chapter 18Putting on Some Chicken Soup: Looking After Yourself279
Dreading the Diagnosis279
Stepping Through This281
Toeing the Line after Treatment285
Preparing for the Rest of Your Life289
Chapter 19Rekindling Intimacy After Treatment291
First Cancer, Now This?291
If the Bed's A-Rockin'293
Going beyond the Physical299
Chapter 20Helping the One You Love: A Chapter for Family and Friends301
Hearing the Verdict302
Tuning In303
Brushing Up on Your Bedside Manner307
Balking at the Consequences310
Being the Kind of Friend You Want to Be311
Chapter 21No Kidding Around: Talking to Your Children313
Giving Myths the Boot313
Helping Kids Adjust314
Keeping Life on Track319
Preparing for Problems322
Part VThe Part of Tens323
Chapter 22Ten Best Hospitals for Breast Cancer Treatment325
Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, PA326
MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas: Houston, TX326
Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center: New York, NY327
Lynn Sage Breast Center of the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center: Chicago, IL327
John Wayne Cancer Institute: Santa Monica, CA328
Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center: Boston, MA328
Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins: Baltimore, MD329
University of Michigan: Ann Arbor, MI329
The Mayo Clinic: Rochester, MN330
UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center: Los Angeles, CA330
Chapter 23Ten-Plus Helpful Resources331
Families USA331
Health Insurance Association of America332
Hospice Net332
National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations332
National Cancer Institute332
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine333
The Susan G. Komen Foundation333
Visiting Nurse Associations of America334
Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization334
Young Survival Coalition334
Chapter 24Ten-Plus American Cancer Society Resources335
American Cancer Society335
Cancer Survivors Network336
Hope Lodge336
I Can Cope336
Look Good ... Feel Better336
National Cancer Information Center337
Reach to Recovery337
@tlc (Tender Loving Care) magazine/catalog337
Relay for Life338
Finding a Clinical Trial through ACS338

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