Monday, January 12, 2009

Milagrosos Alimentos Curativos de la Biblia or Get Healthy Now with Gary Null

Milagrosos Alimentos Curativos de la Biblia

Author: Reese P Dubin

In an illuminating guide to timeless remedies from the Old and New Testaments, this book offers readers a look to the Bible to heal the body and soul.

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Get Healthy Now! with Gary Null: A Complete Guide to Prevention, Treatment and Healthy Living (Second Edition)

Author: Gary Null

The fully revised and updated edition to the national bestseller Get Healthy Now! includes five entirely new sections: Diabetes, Insomnia, Andropause and Menopause, Skin and Hair, and Pain and Fatigue. Over 1,200 pages long, featuring over twenty new chapters and an up-to-the-minute national resource guide of alternative health practitioners, this comprehensive guide to healthy living offers a wide range of alternative approaches to help you stay healthy.

Drawing from methods that have been supported by thousands of years of use in other societies, as well as recent discoveries in modern medicine, Dr. Gary Null provides better alternatives to drugs, surgical intervention, and other standard Western techniques.

Susan Adams - Forbes

Books / A gripping new tale of a commuter plane crash may give frequent fliers pause.

The title of Gary M. Pomerantz's riveting new book, Nine Minutes, Twenty Seconds (Crown, $24), re-flects the interval between structural trouble and the crash of ASA commuter flight 529 into a south Georgia hayfield in August 1995. Of the 29 people aboard, 19 miraculously survived. "An ode to the beauty and dignity of the human spirit," says a cover blurb. And for some, proof that fear of flying has some basis in fact.

In the first chapter a technician dutifully inspects a propeller blade, writes Pomerantz, "as if it would be at-tached to a plane carrying his family." But a year later a tiny fatigue crack causes the propeller to snap minutes into the flight, ripping the engine from its mounting and lodging it against the wing. The Brasilia turboprop plunges to the left, then drops, losing 2,750 feet in 25 seconds.

You feel the passengers' anguish. Minutes before impact, grade school teacher Dawn Dumm, 40, scribbles a note to her two kids: "You are the Lights of My Life. Always, Mommy." Despite a heroic effort by the pilot, the plane hits the ground at 138 miles an hour, splitting the fuselage in two. "Passenger and crew had 60 seconds to get out," writes Pomerantz. "Then would come fire."

The story has its share of valor. Shaken and bleeding, flight attendant Robin Fech, 37, strips off her vest and beats the flames from a burning passenger. After fleeing the wreck, 37-year-old computer trainer David McCorkell re-turns, struggling to free first officer Matthew Warmerdam, pinned inside the cockpit. All told, a great read. But you might want to tackle it while on terrafirma.

Library Journal

Null, who has a Ph.D. in human nutrition and public health science, has written more than 50 books and has a syndicated radio program on health. One can only hope that what was omitted to reduce 1000-plus pages to a six-hour recording is not significant information that would affect the results of using any of the therapies or regimens. Oddly the work is not narrated by the author, who as a radio-show host obviously has public-speaking experience; it is competently presented by reader Robert Deyan. Anyone who wants to follow any of Null's advice would probably want the written version for review and reference. Purchase for public libraries where demand warrants.--Nann Blaine Hilyard, Lake Villa Dist. Lib., IL Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information.

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