Friday, January 9, 2009

Taste Culture Reader or Pilates Personal Trainer Thighs and Butt Workout

Taste Culture Reader: Experiencing Food and Drink

Author: Carolyn Korsmeyer

From Eve's apple to Proust's madeleine to today's culinary tourism, food looms large in culture. Debates about health and nutrition are common in news reports. Yet despite its fundamental relationship to food, taste is mysteriously absent from most of these discussions. The flavors of foods permeate social relations, religious and other occasions. Charged with memory, emotion, desire and aversion, taste is arguably the most evocative of the senses. The Taste Culture Reader explores the sensuous dimensions of eating and drinking, from the physiology of the tongue to the embodiment of social identities and enactment of ceremonial meanings. This book will interest anyone seeking to understand more fully the importance of food and flavor in human experience.

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Pilates Personal Trainer Thighs and Butt Workout: Illustrated Step-by-Step Matwork Routine (Pilates Personal Trainer Series)

Author: Michael King

General Pilates books do not necessarily address each person's individual needs. This targeted workout to shape and slim the thighs and buttocks includes material on proper technique and outlines how Pilates enthusiasts can add this workout to their overall Pilates exercise routines. The 100 step-by-step photo sequences in a lay-flat binding makes this book easy to use.

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