Monday, January 12, 2009

Naturally Healthy Skin or Many Roads One Journey

Naturally Healthy Skin: Tips and Techniques for a Lifetime of Radiant Skin

Author: Stephanie L Tourles

Includes dozens of healing recipes made from natural ingredients like essential oils, fruits, herbs, and flowers. Readers will find effective solutions to common skin problems such as acne, age spots, eczema, hives, psoriasis, rosacea, and sunburn, plus tips for enhancing skin health with vitamins, whole food supplements, and the author's own daily beauty rituals.

Table of Contents:



Chapter 1: Up Close and Personal with Your Skin

Chapter 2: Super Foods and Other Essentials for a Fabulous Face and Body

Chapter 3: Skin Care Basics

Chapter 4: The Salon and Spa Experience

Chapter 5: Ingredients, Tools, and Supplies for Making and Storing Natural Skin Care


Chapter 6: Natural Solutions for Common Skin Problems

Chapter 7: Skin Challenges to Expect from Your Twenties through Your Seventies

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Interesting book: Amministrazione di funzionamenti

Many Roads, One Journey: Moving beyond the Twelve Steps

Author: Charlotte S Kasl

From the author of Women, Sex, and Addiction, a timely and controversial second look at 12-Step programs, helping all readers to draw on the steps' underlying wisdom, adapting them to their own experiences, beliefs, and sources of strength.

Publishers Weekly

Wide-ranging and refreshing, this is a feminist, New Age critique of the Alcoholics Anonymous approach to addictions, including caffeine, nicotine and TV. Kasl ( Women, Sex and Addiction ) links addiction and treatment with chakras, nutrition and patriarchy--and she's on target. A.A.'s approach is patriarchal, okay for affluent white men but not for others, especially women, she finds. The book offers numerous, surprising examples of how A.A. meetings, slogans, traditions and steps hurt women: while it might be good for white men to humble themselves and make amends to everyone, Kasl contends that women should ignore that A.A. exhortation--they've done enough of that sort of thing already. Ultimately, everyone's recovery is based on recapturing personal power, recognizing social oppression and revering life. This guide should put some of the needful back on track. Author tour. (June)

Library Journal

Add Kasl to the growing number of au thors who are challenging the structure and tenets of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and its 12 steps. Other recent books on the sub ject include Jack Trimpey's The Small Book: A Revolutionary Alternative for Over coming Alcohol and Drug Dependence (De lacorte, 1992) and Christopher James's How To Stay Sober Without Religion (LJ 5/1/92). Examining AA from a feminist point of view, Kasl contends that while AA helps many maintain sobriety, its dogmat ic, male-oriented doctrines and the un yielding way in which some groups inter pret them are damaging to others, especially women. Drawing from her own experiences and those of other twelve-step pers, the author argues that the rigid de mands of some groups for strict adherence discourages rational thinking. For exam ple, a rigid demand to ``admit powerless ness'' or to yield to a ``higher power'' may harm women who are fighting to gain con trol of their lives. The author offers her own 16-step recovery model with guide lines for finding or forming alternative groups. Both lay readers and professionals will gain insight from this book. Purchase for psychology, addiction/recovery, and feminist collections.--Linda S. Greene, Chicago P.L.

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