Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Guys Guide to Great Eating or 101 Ways to Burn Fat on the Ball

A Guy's Guide to Great Eating: Big-Flavored, Fat-Reduced Recipes for Men Who Love to Eat

Author: Don Mauer

From the author of the spectacularly successful Lean and Lovin' It, a brawny collection of big-flavored, fat-reduced recipes for men who love to eat. A once overweight guy who never met a food he didn't love, Don Mauer learned the hard way that most low-fat cookbooks don't appeal to meat-and-potatoes taste buds and come with skimpy portions that may work for New York fashion models but leave men hungry. This cookbook is different, written for men by a real guy with a big appetite. The 175 easy-to-make recipes - Smokin' Chili Pepper Cheeseburgers, Seemingly Sinful Fat-Free Roasted Garlic Whipped Potatoes, Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Pie, Fresh Blueberry Cobbler - are based on Mauer's own favorites. The guy-sized portions get 20 percent or less of their calories from fat, and each recipe comes with a full nutritional analysis, including the amount of saturated fat. A Guy's Guide to Great Eating will end the arguments in the kitchen between men who insist on eating what they love and the people who love them.

Library Journal

Perhaps the approach of Father's Day explains the simultaneous appearance of three "men's" cookbooks. Its catchy title notwithstanding, Boswell's A Man and His Pan is essentially an eclectic collection of favorite recipes from a man who likes to cook, whether for his family (there's a separate chapter on cooking for kids) or for guests. Boswell is coauthor of The Best Fryer Cookbook Ever (HarperCollins, 1998) and the packager of the "365 Ways To Cook" series. Here the gimmick, such as it is, is that all the recipes, from Pepper-Crusted Steak Flamb ed in Whisky to Asian-Flavored Arctic Char, are made in a large nonstick frying pan. Many are quite easy, although they do assume some experience in the kitchen. For larger collections. With his wife, a food writer and editor, Bowers, who has a restaurant background, has written an entertaining but at heart serious cookbook. Despite his tongue-in-cheek macho tone, he conveys a lot of useful information on food and cooking, starting with "Men and Hardware" (kitchen equipment) and moving on to "Men and Flame" (grilling, flamb eing, and "blowtorch cooking"), "Men and Fat" ("They Don't Call It a Fry-Mama"), and "Pommes des Hommes" (vegetables), among other topics. The recipes are tasty and wide-ranging, not confined to hearty "guy food" by any means. Recommended for most collections. Mauer, author of the best-selling Lean and Lovin' It (Chapters, 1996), has always been the family cook, but about ten years ago, he changed his habits, scaled back on fat, and lost 100 pounds. Disdaining diet books that consider half a cup of macaroni and cheese enough for a serving, he's come up with 175 recipes that are relatively low in fat but designed to satisfy hearty appetites. Mauer has a more "down-home" approach than Bowers and a less sophisticated style, but many family cooks, male or female, will find lots of recipes to try here. For most collections. Copyright 1999 Cahners Business Information.

Interesting textbook: Fine French Wines or Great Tiki Drink Book

101 Ways to Burn Fat on the Ball: Lose Weight with Fun Cardio and Body-Sculpting Moves!

Author: Lizbeth Garcia

Ideal for stretching, weight-training, Pilates, and, yoga, the fitness ball is so versatile and so easy to use, why stop there? Incorporating the ball into your heart-pounding cardio routines and your strengthening and toning sessions is a lot easier than you think!


Inside, you’ll find 101 illustrated moves and step-by-step instructions demonstrating how to use your fitness ball to boost your metabolism, build muscle, and lose weight. Whether you’ve been using the ball in your workouts for years or you’re a ball beginner, you’ll discover that these simple and effective exercises are the sparks you need to re-energize your workouts and finally get the results you’ve been waiting for.


  • Tone your butt and legs with cardio moves infused with simple mamboand cha-cha steps.
  • Improve your overall muscle tone with strength-training moves featuring light dumbbell work.
  • Sculpt your arms, legs, and core with yoga-inspired stretches.

Mix and match your favorite and most challenging exercises to create your own customized fat-burning routines, or use one of the predesigned routines included in the book.

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