Wednesday, January 14, 2009

After the Fire or El libro del hilo rojo

After the Fire

Author: J A Janc

Before she found fame as a best-selling mystery author, Judith Jance wrestled with the personal anguish of being married to an alcoholic. For years she composed poetry in secret and kept it locked away. Finally it was published as After the Fire in 1984, the year before her debut novel. After the Fire chronicled the death of a relationship as Jance's marriage to her first husband gradually collapsed under the weight of his addiction—aided and abetted by her own unwitting denial and co-dependence—while she struggled to find herself. I will not be the price of your redemption, she wrote then. I will not pay my life to ransom yours.

Now this deeply personal work is available in a new annotated edition. In it, Jance offers unblinking insights into where she was and what was happening when each of these searing poems was written—remaking After the Fire as more than a collection of poetry. Now it is a portrait of addiction and the insidious ways in which it destroys relationships.

A work of crushing defeat and ultimate triumph, After the Fire relates an emotional journey that will be readily recognizable to anyone who has seen love destroyed and then found the strength to go on. It will inspire others who are struggling with similar issues as it allows fans of Jance's mysteries to better know the mind—and heart—of a favorite author.

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El libro del hilo rojo: El pder de la proteccion

Author: Yehuda Berg

As Yehuda Berg revealed in The 72 Names of God, hidden beneath the surface of ancient texts are powerful technologies that can transform one's life. In this book, as in his other works, Berg reveals the practical application of a methodology that was once dismissed as superstition. The Red String Book, the second entry in the Technology for the Soul series, reveals the antidote to the negative effects of the "Evil Eye." The Evil Eye is a very powerful negative force transmitted through unfriendly stares and unkind glances. The sages of Kabbalah understood that seemingly harmless envious eyes and looks of ill will are, in fact, anything but harmless. They can actually stop a person from realizing his or her full potential in every area of life. In this authoritative book, Berg takes readers to the source of the cure for the Evil Eye, the Red String, and shows how to utilize this surprisingly simple technology for life-changing results.

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