Sunday, January 11, 2009

Outdoor Survival or Healing

Outdoor Survival (Essential Guide Series)

Author: Garth Hattingh

-Step-by-step methods for creating shelters, crossing rivers, making fires, and finding food and water in natural environments

How to tailor gear to terrain

Learn to navigate by the planets and stars

First aid and handling medical emergencies

As a reaction to high-tech pressures, people are turning to the outdoors for release and spending more and more time there. Adventurers must be prepared to handle unexpected situations and emergencies at any time and place. Outdoor Survival covers in depth the essentials for surviving in unknown terrain.

Garth Hattingh has been involved in outdoor and adventure activities such as rock climbing, hiking, and mountain rescue for over 30 years. He has climbed extensively in Europe and North and South America. He is author of The Climber's Handbook and Rock & Wall Climbing.

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Healing: Stories of Faith, Hope and Love

Author: Jan Alkir

How to repair body, mind and spirit through God's healing love is the subject of this practical, readable, and insightful guidebook. In material organized into four major sections, the author--an experienced physical therapist and lay catechist--offers counsel and instruction on the facets of healing that include how to recognize the need to seek help, and how to use the resources of recovery-prayer, meditation, supportive relationships, forgiveness and ministry. For all these strengths, the greatest lies in its message of hope--that with the help of a loving God, we can effect our own healing.

Pragmatic and heartening, Healing: Stories of Faith, Hope, and Love is recommended for:

  • anyone who needs healing
  • therapists, catechists, students and teachers in RCIA and lay formation programs

This book includes a practical "For You" section at the end of each chapter designed to lead to healing experiences of God; step-by-step use of specific prayer forms for healing; and annotated bibliography. About the Author

Jan Alkire, lay catechist, physical therapist, and speaker, is the author or coauthor of numerous books and articles on spirituality, healing, and the family. This is her first title for Paulist Press. She lives in Seattle, WA.

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