Friday, January 9, 2009

Beautiful Skin or 50 Splenda Recipes

Beautiful Skin: Every Woman's Guide To Looking Her Best At Any Age

Author: David E Bank

Every woman longs for beautiful skin—and with renowned dermatologist Dr. David Bank's Perfect Skin, that dream can become a reality. In this fascinating and informative book, everything a woman needs to know about skin care is thoroughly addressed, including:

  • Individualized programs for every skin type
  • How to fight acne, wrinkles, sun damage, and "smoker's face"
  • What to do about broken blood vessels, stretch marks, spider veins, unwanted hair and more
  • The truth about Vitamin C, AHAs, collagen, facial peels, laser treatments, liposuction and face lifts
  • Striking before-and-after photographs

    Book about: Loves Labor Essays on Women Equality and Dependency or Shaolin Nei Jin QI Gong

    50 Splenda Recipes

    Author: Marlene Koch

    Here are 50 of the best recipes from the bestselling books. With this convenient pocket size, it's easier than ever to keep your favorite Splenda recipes at your fingertips.

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