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Lean and Hard or The Practice of Traditional Western Herbalism

Lean and Hard: The Body You've Always Wanted in Just 24 Workouts

Author: Mackie Shilston

Mackie Shilstone is an expert in getting world-class professional athletes as well as ordinary people into peak shape in record time, helping them tone their bodies and maximize lean muscle. Now Shilstone lays out his time-tested, medically sound strategies for building lean muscle with his “work out smarter, not harder” plan for training rotation, nutrition, and state-of-the-art supplements.

Publishers Weekly

Shilstone (The Fat Burning Bible) uses science to design a program that creates lean muscle. Though women will find useful information here, men seem to be the main audience for this book, that is men serious enough about their hard body to endure a regimen of supplements, a strict meal plan and several weeks of high-intensity workouts. Students of fitness science will have the chance to learn all about things like "Positive Nitrogen Balance," "The Anabolic State" and the "Lactic Acid System." Formulas are provided to calculate recommended daily calories, target heart rate during workouts and current muscle-to-fat percentage. Exercises and stretches come with pictures and drawings to demonstrate, and a daily exercise checklist and food journal demand accountability. The fact that Shilstone can take credit for the athletic bods of heavyweight champion Michael Spinks, NBA star Manute Bol and baseball legend Brett Butler proves his techniques are sound. But his writing doesn't serve to entertain, and his textbooklike tone makes reading a chore. (Mar.)

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Table of Contents:

Introduction: They Said It Couldn’t Be Done.

PART ONE: Learn the ABCs of High-Intensity Training.

1 What Lean Muscle Will Do for You.

2 Manage Your Hormones to Build Muscle.

PART TWO: The Lean and Hard Nutritional Program.

3 Performance Nutrition: Eat to Build Muscle and Increase Metabolism.

4 The Lean and Hard Food Exchange List: The Right Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Fats.

5 Lean and Hard Meal Plans for High Performance.

6 Lean and Hard Performance Supplementation: Maximize Your Workout to Build Lean Muscle.

7 The Lean and Hard Nutrition Supplementation Schedule.

PART THREE: The Lean and Hard High-Intensity Workout.

8 Managing Intensity: Understand Your Body’s Energy and Fuel Systems.

9 Lean and Hard Warm-Ups and Drills: What You Need to Know before You Begin Your High-Intensity Workout.

10 The Lean and Hard High-Intensity Exercises.

11 The Lean and Hard Workout.

PART FOUR: Your Daily Muscle-Building Guide.

12 The Lean and Hard Workout Program Guide.



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The Practice of Traditional Western Herbalism: Basic Doctrine, Energetics, and Classification

Author: Matthew Wood

The Practices of Traditional Western Herbalism places the function of western herbs in their true historical context, apart from homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda. Recently there has been a revival of interest in western herbalism, but practitioners haven't been able to explore its benefits due to a void of information on the topic - the system of medicine the herbs fit into had all but disappeared. To remedy the situation, herbalist Matthew Wood has researched the old-time practices and reconstructed them for modern use. In resuscitating western herbal medicine and bringing it up to date, he gives his readers a powerful tool for holistic theory and treatment.

Wood makes the point that plant medicines, because they are made from a broad range of chemical components, are naturally suited for the treatment of general patterns in the body. He argues against the biomedical model of standardization, in which herbs are refined and advertised as if they were drugs suited to an exact disease or condition.

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