Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Joy of Laziness or Braiding

The Joy of Laziness: Why Life Is Better Slower - and How to Get There

Author: Peter Axt

Drawing on both scientific and anecdotal sources, the authors of The Joy of Laziness argue that the much-admired Type A lifestyle of intense exercise, frantic activity, and overwork is detrimental to health and long life. Every human being has a limited amount of life energy, they say, and the speed with which it is consumed determines the lifespan. Citing the scientifically recognized Metabolic Theory, the book explains how being "lazy" — being calm, eating temperately, reducing or avoiding sports, exercising moderately, and limiting ambition — can boost the immune system and increase longevity. Included are energy-saving suggestions about eating, working, and exercising; quizzes to determine stress level, life energy, and physical well-being; and valuable tips, charts, and advice on this controversial idea.

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Braiding: Easy Styles for Everyone

Author: Jones

Introducing the most extensive book on braiding available-over 40 styles for al hair types, from straight to very curly hair! Beginning with the basics of hair tools, brushes, and accessories, this simple-to-use guide presents braiding techniques from the rope ponytail and chignon to French twists and cornrows. All of the techniques are clearly illustrated with large drawings and detailed photographs to make braiding easy and enjoyable to learn. Written by the best braiders in the profession, you'll find and create your favorites in the Complete Book of Braiding!

Table of Contents:
Chapter1. Working with Long Hair. Chapter2. Long Hair Design. Chapter3. Curls, Kinks, and Coils: Working with Texture.

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