Monday, January 12, 2009

Understanding Depression or Denise Austins Ultimate Pregnancy Book

Understanding Depression: A Complete Guide to Its Diagnosis and Treatment (Second Edition)

Author: Donald F Klein

When Understanding Depression was first published over ten years ago, it quickly became a trusted guide for the millions of Americans suffering from depression. Now the long-awaited revised and expanded second edition of this definitive and readable book is available to a new generation of those struggling with depression and their families. Informed by up-to-date research on new drugs and treatments for depression, the authors again carefully illustrate the importance of accurately diagnosing the disease and using scientific data and tested research methods in treating it. The book provides the means of evaluating the benefits and disadvantages of both pharmaceutical and psychological treatment of depression and explores the different treatments available. The completely revised medication chapter covers both the old and the new antidepressants and SSRIs, as well as popular herbal supplements like St. John's Wort. It also focuses on the environmental and hereditary causes of biological depression, about which there are still many misconceptions, even among professionals. The authors include several self-rating tests which readers can use to determine the need to seek a psychological evaluation. Using excerpts from patient histories to show their progress from the onset of depression to treatment to recovery, the authors put a human face on the specter of depression. Most of its victims fail to seek help, whether out of guilt or ignorance, and many are misdiagnosed by physicians or psychotherapists who fail to recognize the symptoms of the illness. Understanding Depression is an excellent source of support, providing a highly informed and readable guide to this much misunderstooddisease.

"Offers hope for relief from a terrifying affliction. And practical, step-by-step advice for finding that relief."--The New York Times
"The book is helpful in directing individuals to treatment, and nothing short of praise is deserved for advancing that goal. Conveying the remarkable contributions of medication to advances in care is critically important."-- American Journal of Psychiatry (on the previous edition*)

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Denise Austin's Ultimate Pregnancy Book: How to Stay Fit and Healthy through the Nine Months--and Shape up after Baby

Author: Denise Austin

You're pregnant! And excited, yet at the same time wondering:

* How can I combat morning sickness?

* How can I exercise if I have no energy?

* How do I control my weight when I'm eating for two?

* How long will it take me to get back into shape after delivery?

* How can I flatten my tummy after baby?

Luckily, Denise Austin, America's favorite fitness expert, has "been there, done that," and shares her very personal pregnancy routines, including what she ate, how she exercised, and how she maintained a great attitude along the way. Think of her as your very own pregnancy coach, and in Denise Austin's Ultimate Pregnancy Book, she breaks down each trimester and includes a special bonus section on how to shape up after baby. Using real stories and queries from her fans, Austin addresses all your questions and eases your concerns in her own inimitable style. Just remember, no matter what month you're in, you can do it!

Table of Contents:




Chapter One: "I Can't Believe It. I'm Pregnant!"

Chapter Two: Eating Smart for You and Baby Chapter Three: You Can Do It! Exercises for the First Trimester


Chapter Four: Welcome to the Second Trimester Chapter Five: Eating Smart and Happy Snacking Chapter Six: You Can Do It! Exercises for the Second Trimester


Chapter Seven: Honey, You're in the Home Stretch Now Chapter Eight: Give In to Your Cravings Chapter Nine: You Can Do It! Exercises for the Third Trimester


Chapter Ten: You're a Mom Now!

Chapter Eleven: Lose That "Baby Fat"

Chapter Twelve: After-Baby Shape-up


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