Friday, January 23, 2009

Understanding Down Syndrome or Seeing Your Life Through New Eyes

Understanding Down Syndrome: An Introduction for Parents

Author: Cliff Cunningham

This highly acclaimed book has become an accepted introductory work for professionals as well as new parents. The author, internationally known as a leading authority on Down Syndrome, has expanded his practical and sympathetic book to take account of the recent advances in educational and developmental techniques and improvements in medical care, including details of techniques of prenatal testing. As well as helping parents and beginning practitioners understand the characteristics of the condition, this book covers the latest methods of treatment; gives advice on care of the young child, the adolescent, and the older person; stresses the importance of professional guidance and how to obtain it.

Library Journal

When they are told that their baby has Down Syndrome, most parents react with shock and need help coping with this unexpected situation. Veteran researcher Cunningham aims to provide such help in the form of detailed information about the physical, mental, and social characteristics of Down Syndrome children. Along with that information comes encouragement and hope as Cunningham shows that there is much that parents and others can do to help a Down Syndrome child develop to his or her full potential. This is the third edition of a book first published in Britain, revised for the American audience. Highly recommended for public libraries that don't have a previous edition.John Moryl, Yeshiva Univ. Lib., New York

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Seeing Your Life Through New Eyes

Author: Paul Brenner

Seeing Your Life Through New Eyes identifies the origin of your personal profile and points you in directions to maximize their potential and transcend their self-imposed limitations. This workbook format helps readers create a diary of self-discovery and assists in resolving any misunderstood relationships and addictive behavior. This book offers insights for replacing negative thoughts by revealing the source of their origin and suggests tools for reflection, insight, and change. Utilizing the process Family Triangles, which is based on the relationship of the parental hurts and gifts of your childhood, specifically from the age of two to twelve, and how these experiences combine with inherent temperament to shape your adult life, Seeing Your Life Through New Eyes revisits your past and offers new perspectives from a different focal length without filters.

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