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Mr Food Every Days a Holiday Diabetic Cooking or Earth QI Gong for Women

Mr. Food Every Day's a Holiday Diabetic Cooking

Author: Art Ginsburg

Now everyone can enjoy delicious meals for special days

Back by popular demand­­another cookbook chock-full of healthy and tasty recipes for people with diabetes from nationally syndicated television chef Mr. Food. No longer will people with diabetes have to eat differently on special occasions (or any other day).

Mr. Food and Nicole Johnson, Miss America 1999, have come up with healthy recipes that are so tasty that the whole family will want them. With special question-and-answer sections, information about diabetes and meal planning, and tips on preparation and presentation, this book delivers far more than the average cookbook. Including recipes for special occasions from every month­­Super Bowl Sunday, St. Patrick's Day, graduation parties, Independence Day, Halloween, Election Day, major religious holidays, and much more!

Mr. Food Art Ginsburg has authored 28 cookbooks, and his television show airs in more than 400 markets nationwide and reaches 8­10 million viewers daily. He is among HSN's top-selling authors, and more than 2 million copies of his cookbooks have been sold. Mr. Food's EasyCooking magazine is published by Hearst Magazines Division and has thousands of subscribers.

Nicole Johnson, Miss America 1999, has lived successfully with type 1 diabetes for the past eight years. In her work with the American Diabetes Association, she has helped raise more than $13 million for diabetes research.

Library Journal

The latest book from the popular and prolific Ginsburg, who has some 30 or so Mr. Foodc cookbooks to his credit, is a follow-up to Mr. Food c's Quick & Easy Diabetic Cooking. Although he includes a list of holidays in his introductory material, the recipes are organized by courses of a meal rather than particular celebrations. However, sidebars by Ginsburg and by Nicole Johnson-Miss America 1999 and an ADA spokesperson-tie many of the dishes to specific holidays. The recipes are short and simple, as always, and each includes nutrition information and diabetic exchanges. Sure to be in demand. Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.

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Earth Qi Gong for Women: Awaken Your Inner Healing Power

Author: Tina Chunna Zhang

The special medical Qi Gong described in this book was developed and perfected over the course of 1,700 years by Taoists, traditional Chinese medical doctors, and Qi Gong experts in China to meet the needs of a woman’s unique anatomy. Author Tina Zhang leads readers through a variety of pleasurable postures and easy exercises that address specific areas of the body. In turn, these exercises, which work progressively to strengthen the spirit-mind-body connection, enhance natural female energy to help prevent or alleviate health issues and conditions from puberty to post-menopause, including high blood pressure, stress, fatigue, endometriosis, age-related problems, and more.

Emphasizing a balance between hormones and emotions, the book includes concise descriptions of selected acupuncture points, meridians, and orbits that promote long-range anti-aging and long-term optimal health. Women empowered by these benefits can take control of their bodies and better direct and assist their physicians in maintaining their health without the cost, risk, and side effects of pills, hormones, and supplements. Qi Gong for Women also contains useful information on addressing women’s physical and spiritual health for physicians, acupuncturists, and doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Earl Morgan, MD vii
Foreword by Chen Xiu Qin, MD viii
Preface ix
Introduction by Dr. Michael Milburn 1

Chapter One: Qi and Qi Gong 3
Qi Gong, the Ancient Health Art 3
Qi Gong and Traditional Chinese Medicine 6
Categories of Qi Gong 12
The Health Benefits of Qi Gong 14

Chapter Two: Earth Energy 21
The Cycles of Life 21
Cultivating Female Energy 22
Creating Pelvic Health 23

Chapter Three: The Balance of Health 25
Emotional Health 25
Physical Health 28
Take Control of Your Health 32

Chapter Four: Earth Qi Gong 33
Understanding the Physiology of Qi 33
The Principles of Practicing Qi Gong 38
How Does Earth Qi Gong Work for Women? 48
Earth Qi Gong for Women Form 53
Eight Natural Healing Energies Circle Walking 85

Chapter Five: From Awareness to Healing 97
Increasing Awareness of the Body 97
Healing by Raising Your Emotional Intelligence 100

Chapter Six: Natural Eyesight Improvement 103
Five Animals Eye Exercises 104
Eight Acupressure Points Eye Massage 105

Chapter Seven: Finding the Beauty in Your True Nature 113
Realizing Your True Nature 113
Loving the Beauty of Ugliness 117

Cross Reference: Common Symptoms of Hormonal
Imbalance and their Corresponding Earth Qi Gong
Exercises 121
Glossary of Chinese Terms 123
Acknowledgments 125
Index 127
About the Author 131

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