Monday, January 5, 2009

Fitness Cross Country Skiing or Flourishing with Food Allergies

Fitness Cross-Country Skiing

Author: Steven E Gaskill

Fitness Cross-Country Skiing has everything you need to get the most out of your skiing. Inside you'll find fifty-eight great workouts spanning six color-coded training zones, from low to high intensity; indoor and summer workouts for year-round fitness; tips on choosing the right equipment; cross-training advice for running, cycling, hiking, and in-line skating; three levels of training programs covering basic conditioning through high-level racing; and guidelines for setting up a personalized training program.

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Flourishing with Food Allergies: Social, Emotional, and Practical Guidance for Families with Young Children

Author: A Anderson

Learn how to help using successful social, emotional and practical guidance from those experienced in dealing with food allergies in young children. You will refer to this guide again and again.

You will discover how easy it is to: Find emotional support through reading parents' stories, including a father's viewpoint. Receive emotional tips from a therapist. Get professional perspectives from pediatricians and allergists including a naturopath. Learn how to handle social situations at birthday parties or play dates and find food-free activities for young children. Make educated choices about pre-school options and kindergarten. Get practical guidance about diet, allergen ingredients and travel. Consider world-wide research on pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, GMOs, ADHD, autism, asthma and the possible links to food allergies.

About the Author:
A. Anderson is the mother of two boys with food allergies. She is an advocate for all families and professionals who care for children with food allergies. Join her in asking for more funding for research and answers

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