Friday, January 30, 2009

The Truth or Live Longer Live Larger

The Truth: The Only Fitness Book You'll Ever Need

Author: Frank Sep

When it comes to physical fitness and nutrition, it's all so confusing. Which "experts" should you believe? What programs should you follow? What and when should you eat? Is weight training really necessary for getting in shape? The exhausting information overload in this area has never been more contradictory, confusing, and even dangerous. Well, this is the book that can clear up all that confusion and conflicting information! The training tips and philosophy presented here by world-renowned bodybuilder Frank Sepe will reveal everything you've ever needed to maximize your body's full potential. The truth is harder to deliver than it may seem at first. Imagine the answers the truth will unlock: The truth about training techniques. The truth about nutritional information. The truth about women and training. The truth about cardio's effects. The truth's real power -- indeed, its very effectiveness -- lies in its sheer simplicity.

Book review: Die Neue Öffentliche Personalregierung

Live Longer, Live Larger: A Hollistic Approach for Cancer Patients and Their Families

Author: William M Buchholz

One of every three Americans face cancer. With the diagnosis comes a maelstorm of fears about the future and complex decisions about treatment. In this world turned upside down it is difficult to find the right answers, much less be certain that the right questions are asked. It is hard to balance the desire to find a cure and extend life and the wish to prevent side effects of treatment. At the same time, patients and families must deal with powerful emotions, keep hope for the future, and maintain a sense of meaning in life.

Live Longer, Live Larger is a handbook for people who want a supportive companion in their response to cancer or other serious illness. It is based upon the experience and hard-won wisdom of thousands of patients and families dealing with cancer: people of differing temperaments, backgrounds, and medical circumstances. Its stories, exercises and tools can help you survive a diagnosis of cancer -- living longer, with a higher quality of life, and more meaningfully -- regardless of prognosis or stage of disease.

Table of Contents:
A Letter to my Fellow Physicians
Pt. IIn the Beginning
1Responding to Your Diagnosis2
2Defining Your Relationship with Cancer19
3Overcoming Fear35
4Living a Larger Life55
Pt. IIChoosing Treatment
5Setting Goals76
6Developing a Strategy86
7Making Action Plans109
8Overcoming Barriers to Treatment126
Pt. IIIDuring Treatment
9Maintaining a Positive Attitude134
10Maintaining Your Quality of Life150
11Overcoming Fatigue165
12Receiving Support182
Pt. IVRemission
13In Remission198
14Using Your Second Chance206
15Living Comfortably with Uncertainty221
Pt. VRelapse
16Back to Square Two240
17Crisis: Danger and Opportunity254
18Making Wise Choices267
19Your Last Chance for Today283
Pt. VIEndgame
20Playing the Endgame to Win294
21Doing It My Way306
22Living Fully Until You Die321
23On Being a Hero331
24Family Matters346
A: Resources357
B: The Medical Uses of Hope361
CPain Control366
DPreparing for a Medical Examination369
E: Values Statement370
F: A Legend of Sovereignty374

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