Sunday, December 21, 2008

Vindicated or The Enzyme Factor

Vindicated: Big Names, Big Liars, and the Battle to Save Baseball

Author: Jose Canseco

In 2005, Jose Canseco blew the lid off Major League Baseball's steroid scandal — and no one believed him. His New York Times bestselling memoir Juiced met a firestorm of criticism and outrage from the media, coaches, clubs, and players, many of whom Canseco had personally introduced to steroids — with a needle in the ass. Baseball's former golden boy, Rookie of the Year, onetime Most Valuable Player, and owner of two World Series rings was called a liar.

Now, steroids are back in the headlines. Record-breaking athletes are falling from grace, and the infamous Mitchell Report confirmed the names of major leaguers who have indeed used steroids while others remain under investigation. The answer is clear: Jose Canseco told the truth. And why wouldn't he? He started it all.

Finally, in Vindicated, Canseco picks up where Juiced left off, revealing details even more shocking than in his controversial first book. He spills never-before-implicated names — arguably the biggest in the game of baseball — and explores the mystery of one celebrated player about whom key information was suddenly excised from Juiced at the last minute. He talks candidly about what the Mitchell Report did — and didn't — get right, why steroid use became so rampant, and how his life has changed since he tore the lid off Pandora's box.

Lest there be any doubt about theveracity of his claims, Canseco subjected himself to three lie detector tests, one of which was conducted by a former FBI special agent and top polygraph examiner who investigated the Unabomber, Whitewater, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

Transcripts of those taped interviews are also included in this straight-talking examination of the current state of baseball.

This time, he's not just out to clear his name. He's out to clean up the game.

The Enzyme Factor

Author: Hiromi Shinya

Translated into English for the first time is the book that has taken Japan by storm, selling 100,000 copies every month for the past year.

In The Enzyme Factor, Dr. Hiromi Shinya presents his research, grounded in his 45 years of medical practice in the United States and Japan. This research supports the idea of a miracle enzyme out of which all the enzymes the body needs are produced. He suggests cancer and other diseases occur when this key enzyme is depleted and cannot properly do its job. In this book he clearly shows how what we eat affects that key. Dr. Shinya's science is clearly explained and easy to understand. The suggestions for diet and lifestyle based on this science are simple and easy to follow. Even those who think they know everything about how to eat right will be surprised when they discover what is really healthy.

This simple health regime has led hundreds of his patients, many suffering from cancer and other life-threatening diseases, to perfect health.

Inside The Enzyme Factor you will discover:

* How to look younger and delay aging
* How to live strengthen your body's natural defenses.
* Why there has been no relapse of cancer when patients follow the Shinya Diet & Health Regimen.
* How to become a healthy 100 year old
* Misconceptions with many dietary trends
* What your intestinal traits can teach you about your health
* Why drinking milk will cause osteoporosis
* How your body will become oxidized if you eat oxidized foods
* Why eating the meat of animals that have a higher body temperature than humans pollutes the blood
* The inseparable relationship between the human body andthe land
* How love activates the immune system

This is a new, important and affordable approach to health care in America by the world's leading gastroenterologist, and inventor of colonoscopic surgery, who has spent his life in empirical research on the subject of human digestion. If we follow Dr. Shinya's health prescription we will lose weight, be fit, save money and enjoy a long and healthy life.

Table of Contents:
Publisher's Note     vii
Preface     ix
Introduction: The Enzyme Factor - The Key to Life's Code     1
Enzymes and Your Health-Misconceptions and Vital Truths     7
The Enzyme Factor Diet     49
Habits of the Rich and Healthy     81
Pay Attention to Your "Script of Life"     113
Afterword: The Enzyme Factor: From Entropy to Syntropy     135
Dr. Shinya's 7 Golden Keys for Good Health     139
Recommended Dietary Habits     145
Healing Foods     157
Index     159

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