Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sjogrens Syndrome Survival Guide or The Weight Loss Surgery Connection

Sjogren's Syndrome Survival Guide

Author: Teri Rumpf

Finally, a complete resource for Sjogren's sufferers -- providing the newest medical information, research results, and treatment methods available, as well as the most effective and practical self-help strategies. Learn what you can do to take control of your symptoms and live well with Sjogren's.

Table of Contents:
1Sjogren's Syndrome: What Is That?1
2What Makes Up a Diagnosis?19
3How Do You Treat Sjogren's?33
4More about the Medical Aspects47
5Doctors and Patients67
6Reactions to Illness89
7Riding a Roller Coaster of Emotions101
8Family and Friends127
9Living with Sjogren's Syndrome151
11Work and Disability183
12Research: Hope for the Future199

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The Weight-Loss Surgery Connection

Author: Melissa Debin Parish

For the first time, everything you need to achieve weight-loss surgery success, physically and emotionally

After undergoing gastric bypass surgery nearly four years ago, not only did Melissa deBin-Parish lose more than 100 pounds and regain her health, she also began a new life as a trusted source of support and information for other weight-loss surgery patients. In The Weight-Loss Surgery Connection, deBin-Parish explains what to expect and how to succeed before, during, and after surgery. She also provides the human connection so necessary to building a healthy relationship to food and health.

Melissa deBin-Parish is on the advisory board of the Obesity Action Coalition. Her support site,, has been called a “comprehensive web destination” by BariMD.

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