Friday, December 26, 2008

Practically Posh or Get with the Program

Practically Posh: The Smart Girls' Guide to a Glam Life

Author: Robyn Moreno

Practically Posh is the budget babe's guide to the good life. Filled with thrifty tips and delivered with style and humor, this do-it-yourself handbook is designed for glam girls on the go who want to live large on their little paychecks.

Packed with brilliantly simple advice, Robyn Moreno teaches that it's about more than just finding deals—it's about finding pleasure in your present life. It is about being resourceful—working with what you have, then working what you have. Practically Posh is your bible for living as a bon vivant on a budget.

From how to score a seat at the trendiest restaurant and tips for being arty without being affected, to easy cheats for staying beautiful and advice on how to book your dream vacation now, the book includes anecdotes, sidebars, quotes, quizzes, and gorgeous photos to punctuate the information from Moreno and her team of experts.

So for anyone who refuses to be slowed down by life's practicalities, let ingenuity and attitude be your currency and Practically Posh be your guide.

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Get with the Program!: Getting Real About Your Weight, Health, and Emotional Well-Being

Author: Bob Green

Losing weight is the easy part; it's keeping it off that's hard. In Get With the Program!, bestselling author Bob Greene gives you the keys to losing weight and staying fit for a lifetime.

The four-phase plan in Get With the Program! is like having your own personal trainer to take you through the psychological, physical, and emotional challenges that are keeping you from weight loss success. There are no arbitrary deadlines here: you move forward at your own pace, making lifestyle and dietary changes and increasing the intensity level of your exercise when it's right for you to do so. Journal entries, worksheets, and questionnaires let you establish, track, and evaluate your fitness goals.

In Phase One, you'll make the commitment to yourself to Get With the Program, and change the way you think about diet and exercise. Phase Two will show you how to rev up your metabolism using aerobic exercise. In Phase Three you'll take control of emotional eating, the eating you do to satisfy emotional, not physical, hunger. You'll also see the positive results of your efforts. Phase Four is all about strength training, making the best food choices, and making your new habits of health, activity, and good eating a continuing lifestyle. Included is a week-by-week diary to help you track your progress.

Get With the Program! is full of anecdotes and stories of women and men who met their personal goals, further helping to inspire you to move on to the next level of health and fitness.

Library Journal

Exercise physiologist and certified personal trainer Greene presents a four-phase self-paced weight-loss and shape-up program that emphasizes realistic, achievable results arrived at gradually. Basic and almost homespun, this work is good for those weary of the "blow-off-a-gazillion-calories-by-eating-only-this-and-not-that" type of weight-loss book. No magic, no miracle, just one-day-at-a-time common sense reinforced with worksheets, questionnaires, and a daily journal. Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.

School Library Journal

Adult/High School-Greene's offers exercise regimens, photographs, and useful training tips for beginners or experts, and concentrates on how readers can reach their physical and mental potential. The plan is divided into four phases, and there is a section on journal keeping. The author explains how to set up a good exercise-and-conditioning program, how to increase metabolism, and how to improve one's appearance with a little mental preparation. Throughout, he emphasizes the importance of attitude, eating high-quality food, understanding the connection between food and emotions, and drinking lots of water. Readers who follow his advice could learn to "live the best life possible," and become hooked on feeling good, looking good, and being good to themselves.-ayo dayo, Chinn Park Regional Library, Prince William, VA Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.

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