Monday, December 22, 2008

Hypnobirthing or When Food Is Love

Hypnobirthing: The Mongan Method, The Breakthrough Natural Approach to safer, easier, more Comfortable Birthing

Author: Marie F Mongan

"Move over, Lamaze. HypnoBirthers say their form of deep relaxation takes the panting and pain out of labor. "
-Time Magazine

HypnoBirthing®: A Celebration of Life - with Birth Exercise CD Included!

Childbirth is not something to be feared; it is a natural expression of life. With HypnoBirthing, your pregnancy and childbirth will become the gentle, life-affirming process it was meant to be.

In this easy-to-understand guide, HypnoBirthing founder Marie Mongan explodes the myth of pain as a natural accompaniment to birth. She proves through sound medical information that it is not our bodies but our culture that has made childbirth a moment of anguish, and that when we release the fear of birth, a fear that is keeping our bodies tense and closed, we will also release the pain.

HypnoBirthing is nature, not manipulation. It relaxes the mind in order to let the body work as it is designed. The HypnoBirthing exercises—positive thinking, relaxation, visualization, breathing and physical preparation—will lead to a happy and comfortable pregnancy, even if you are currently unsure of an intervention-free birth. Your confidence, trust and happy anticipation will in turn lead to the peaceful, fulfilling and bonding birth that is your right as a mother.

More than 10,000 happy couples have had their lives changed for the better by HypnoBirthing. More than 500 news organizations—including Good Morning America, The Today Show, Dateline, The Richard & Judy Show, Time, Newsweek, Parenting and Better Homes & Gardens—have joined the movement forbetter birthing.

Why is HypnoBirthing changing the way the world gives birth? That's simple. Because it works.

When Food Is Love: Exploring the Relationship Between Eating and Intimacy

Author: Geneen Roth

From the internationally acclaimed author of Feeding the Hungry Heart, Breaking Free From Compulsive Eating, andWhy Weight? comes a wholly original look at the profound connections between the way we eat and the way we love.

When Food Is Love examines the motivations behind bingeing and obsessive dieting, and explains how such compulsive behavior sabotages intimate relationships. With compassion and penetrating wisdom, Geneen Roth reveals how to break destructive emotional patterns and learn to satisfy all the hungers—physical and emotional—that make us human.

Publishers Weekly

This is the fourth book ( Feeding the Hungry Heart, etc.) generated by the seminars Roth conducts at her Berkeley, Calif., home for people who believe that if they were thin, they would be happy. But the author makes clear that losing weight doesn't automatically gain one success, respect and love. Roth's personal story and those of her clients as related here exemplify the need to discover why the overweight are addicted to food. Citing her own deprived childhood, the author demonstrates that gluttons seek the reliable comforts of eating instead of closeness with humans who might become abusive (like her mother) or vanish (like her father). Those bent on self-improvement will find that the book merely repeats well-known principles in a melodramatic fashion. (Mar.)

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