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Forever Cool or The Ultimate Fit or Fat

Forever Cool: How to Achieve Ageless, Youthful, and Modern Personal Style

Author: Sherrie Mathieson

Each year, 75 million baby boomers spend $100 billion on clothes—but you’d never know it to look at them. Alarmed by the fashion faux pas of her fellow fifty-plus peers, style consultant Sherrie Mathieson set out to help them update their personal style yet remain age-appropriate. While her theory is to skip formulas and mix it up, she counsels her boomer brethren to avoid trying too hard (Ladies, what’s worn in Vegas, stays in Vegas; guys, flowered shirts are so Beach Boys).

She presents stylish, contemporary twists to classic looks (a simple, sleekly cut black suit is punched up with stacked silver jewelry; a graphic skirt adds panache to a solid-color sweater set; a pair of men’s khakis is driven out of dullsville with a black linen shirt).

Each page pictures an unfortunate “never cool” ensemble and beside it a “forever cool” rendition. Whether her stuck-in-a-fashion-rut real-life people are sporting sad accessories, underage looks, problem prints, or predictable pieces, Mathieson takes on all of them with kindhearted candor and breathes new life into their attire.

From work attire to special-occasion outfits for evening, the beach, the gym—even the ski slopes!—Sherrie Mathieson has fresh-looking fashion fixes for any boomer who is ready to ramp up his or her clothes savvy.

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The Ultimate Fit or Fat

Author: Covert Bailey

With more than three million copies of previous editions in print, this classic exercise manual has shown Americans from all walks of life the route from fatness to fitness. Now Covert Bailey has totally rewritten and revised Fit or Fat for the first time since the book's original publication in the mid-1970s. His dramatically new approach to fitness incorporates the most recent scientific findings. Weighlifting, whose fat-burning potential is only now becoming fully understood, plays a large role in Bailey's new program, which stresses what he calls "the four food groups" of exercise: aerobics, cross-training, wind sprints, and weightlifting. He also stresses the importance of intense exercise, showing readers how to build intensity into their daily programs safely and effectively. Covert Bailey's Ultimate Fit or Fat will not only be of interest to a new health-conscious generation but will be eagerly sought out by the millions of readers who have come to rely on the Bailey approach to keep their bodies in peak condition.

Publishers Weekly

Sixty-seven-year-old fitness instructor Bailey takes a systematic, straightforward approach to lifetime physical fitness in his final contribution to the successful two-decade Fit or Fat series. Here he begins with the basic premise that the tendency to get fat has little to do with the amount or quality of food eaten and as proof points to the ineffectual long-term results of dieting. Asserting that exercise is the ultimate control of metabolism (something diet is unable to change), Bailey claims it is the amount of fat-burning muscle that determines one's ability to lose fat (though he sympathetically notes women's lesser ability to control fat due to hormones, lower muscle mass and childbirth). Instructions for simple at-home tests allow the reader to accurately measure their own body fat percentage, lean body mass, ideal weight, ideal exercise heart rate and exercise pace, giving a starting point for any future progress. Likening his weekly exercise program to the four food groups, with three to four recommended servings of aerobics, two to three servings each of cross-training and weight lifting and one to two servings of wind sprints, Bailey offers a varied menu of exercises in each category (including a special no-barbells home weight lifting chapter for the gym-phobic), stressing the pros and cons of each and warning that exercise is not effective when the body has no time to recuperate. Bailey, in no-nonsense prose, will motivate the reader with his contagiously positive outlook and personal anecdotes. (Jan.) Copyright 1999 Cahners Business Information.

"'In my little way I'm going to rattle the world,' proclaims Covert Bailey, who already rattled the world when he changed the way America looked at weight loss and exercise with his original Fit or Fat in the mid-1970s. Now he's back with a new spin on the Fit or Fat principles. This small book (180 pages, about 5 by 8 inches) teaches you how to get fit faster and raise your metabolism. To improve your fitness level most quickly, Bailey recommends his "Four Food Groups of Good Exercise": aerobic exercise, cross training (varying your exercise choices), wind sprints (exercising, but my body is changing into a better butter-burning machine," he says. "The purpose of my exercise is to change my chemistry." As we expect from Covert, his style is clever and feisty--the book is fun to read, and the information goes down easily. He offers some witty, memorable principles, such as "The more muscle an exercise uses, the less long you gotta do it!", "If you're fit, exercise long; if you're fat, go short but often," and this motto for the older exerciser: "When you are over the hill--you pick up speed!" He includes a body-fat test and a find-your-pace fitness test." --Joan Price

Library Journal

The revision of a classic. Copyright 1999 Cahners Business Information.

Table of Contents:
Excerpt from an Interview with Covert Bailey, August 19, 19991
1Covert's Experiment5
2Why People Get Fat8
3Never Say Diet11
4Body Fat Percentage -- What's Normal?13
5How to Measure Your Body Fat27
6Lean Body Mass and Correct Weight33
7Fat Versus Lean -- What's Healthy?37
8How to Calculate Your Correct Weight42
9What Is the Cure for All This Fat?46
10What Kind of Exercise Is Best?49
11Measuring Exercise by Heart Rate55
12Exercise Using Common Sense62
13Covert Bailey's Fitness Test65
14How to Determine Your Pace68
15Choosing Your Aerobic Exercise72
16How Long and How Often Should I Exercise?82
17How to Get Started87
18The Fastest Way to Improve Fitness96
19Cross Training100
20Wind Sprints106
21How Fast Should You Do Wind Sprints?111
23Covert's Home Weightlifting Program118
24The Four Food Groups of Exercise131
26Warming Up141
27Spot Reducing144
28Golf and Other Subaerobic Exercises149
29The Body Has a Plan!153
Questions about the Four Food Groups of Exercise157

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