Friday, December 19, 2008

Force of Nature or The Ultimate Weight Solution

Force of Nature

Author: Laird Hamilton

     With a superhero’s physique, a beautiful athlete/model wife, and the ocean as his office, Laird Hamilton’s charmed lifestyle is enviable.

     Now, for the first time, he shares his secrets for living a perfectly balanced life. Force of Nature opens a window onto the unique physical regimens, mental strategies, and spiritual beliefs that has allowed Hamilton to do what he loves, while being surrounded by family and radiating peak health and fitness.

     Hamilton shares his life-enhancing approach to constantly challenging oneself to improve in three distinct areas:

-body—Hamilton's comprehensive guide for fitness, nutrition, injury prevention, and rehabilitation also includes his first-ever surf tutorial with specific how-to information about his sport

-mind—in this revealing look at the inner life of a world-class athlete, Hamilton talks about conquering fear, adversity, and negativity while embracing the promise of change that each new day holds

-soul—from finding one's passion to traveling a less-trodden path, Hamilton invites readers to look inward, forging their own set of core spiritual beliefs that will literally determine the course of their lives

     To elite athletes, blockbuster celebrities, and the rest of us, Laird Hamilton has proven to be the authority on performance and living as fully as possible. Now he shares his recipe for living in this highly anticipated book.

The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom

Author: Phillip C McGraw

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Table of Contents:


Part One Unlocking the Doors to Permanent Weight Loss

 1 Getting Real About You and Your Weight

 2 Get-Real Expectations and Goals

 3 Are You Ready?

Part Two The 7 Keys to Permanent Weight Loss

 4 Key One: Right Thinking

Unlock the Door to Self-Control

 5 Key Two: Healing Feelings

Unlock the Door to Emotional Control

 6 Key Three: A No-Fail Environment

Unlock the Door to External Control

 7 Key Four: Mastery Over Food and Impulse Eating

Unlock the Door to Habit Control

 8 Key Five: High-Response Cost, High-Yield Nutrition

Unlock the Door to Food Control

 9 Key Six: Intentional Exercise

Unlock the Door to Body Control

10 Key Seven: Your Circle of Support

Unlock the Door to Social Control

Part Three Powerful Insights

11 When You Can't Lose Weight

Are You Weight Loss Resistant?

12 Weight Is Managed, Not Cured From Dr. Phil to You: Weight Control That Lasts

Appendix A: Stress Relief and Relaxation Script Appendix B: Food Lists Appendix C: Workout Diary Appendix D: Bibliography Index

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