Friday, February 20, 2009

Pilates or Cuida a Tu Hijo

Pilates: El Control Armonioso del Cuerpo

Author: Patricia Lamond

Each book in this beautifully illustrated series collects the most popular and effective techniques to energize, fortify, relieve stress, and strengthen and relax the body and mind.

About the Author:
Patricia Lamond worked as a professional ballerina and is the owner of a pilates studio.


These step-by-step guides form the perfect introduction to yoga and Pilates. Full-color photographs illustrate key moves and positions. Pilates concentrates on mat work rather than equipment-based routines, using illustrations to explain what is happening with the bones and muscles. The yoga book invites readers to practice yoga at home, offering basic exercises and explaining how they work, how they benefit the body, and how to do them well. Other titles in this Health and Well-being series include Yoga para embarazadas (Yoga for Pregnancy), Tai Chi, Meditacion y relajacion (Meditation and Relaxation), and Masaje (Massage). Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

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Cuida a Tu Hijo: Preguntas Y Respuestas Sobre El Desarrollo Y Enfermedades de Los Ninos

Author: Javier Benito Fernandez

Offering information and advice on children's health issues and ailments and serving as a useful tool for communicating with a pediatrician, this book offers information in an easy-to-understand format to help families ensure their children's health. From caring for a baby to getting vaccinations and solving sleeping problems, this guide will ease the minds of parents when it comes to tending to their children's health.

Ofrece información y consejos sobre la salud de niños y sirve como una guía de comunicación para los padres con su pediatra, este texto ofrece información básica para ayudar a las familias a mantener a sus niños sanos. Desde el nacimiento del bebé hasta obtener vacunaciones y resolver problemas de dormir, este texto da respuestas a todo tipo de preguntas que tienen los padres sobre la salud de sus niños.

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