Monday, February 16, 2009

Absolute Body Power or Keep fit Exercises for Kids

Absolute Body Power: A Total Circuit Training and Aerobic Workout

Author: Alan Harris

The only workout that combines the best elements of all the newest fitness trends.

With weight-consciousness rising every day, Americans are turning to a variety of new trends to stay trim and healthy. Everyone has a different idea about what type of exercise is best for your health and fitness. Some swear by Pilates and yoga, others go with classic weight training. Some routines focus on building a firmer physique, while others work on less aesthetic goals, such as strengthening your joints or improving your heart rate. With so many routines out there, choosing an exercise regimen can be the hardest part of getting in shape.

Absolute Body Power makes the decision easier by combining the best elements of the newest exercise trends to create a blend of fitness that will work for almost everybody. Based on the bestselling Absolute Body Power and Total Circuit Training workout videos, this new book gives you a simple yet powerful plan to maximize the benefits of aerobics, strength training, yoga, and Pilates. Including two easy-to-follow workouts on one deluxe 40-minute DVD, getting in shape couldn't be easier.

Exercising is not the only element of healthy living. Absolute Body Power also gives you a healthy eating plan and an interactive fitness journal to help you keep track of your progress, empowering you with the fundamentals of a fit and healthy lifestyle. 200 photos; 40-minute DVD included.

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Keep-fit Exercises for Kids

Author: Hermann Aschwer

The number of postural defects among school children today is alarming. Despite this, physical education classes at school are continuously dropping in importance. This book's aim is to offer assistance to all those people actively involved in putting a stop to postural deficiencies, among children and youth in three different steps: After an introduction into the basic principles, and a detailed discussion of the positive effects of gymnastic exercises specifically for children and adolescents, comes a wide variety of easy-to-follow exercises which are clearly explained and illustrated. Gymnastic forms of exercise which are tailor-made for children and adolescents should imply fun and pleasure for those concerned. This practice oriented book enables professional and experienced work by trainers and sports instructors alike.

Table of Contents:
1Why Gymnastic Exercises for Young Children and Adolescents?13
1.1Maintaining Flexibility14
1.2Strengthening the Support Apparatus17
2The Complex Locomotor System21
2.1What Belongs to the Passive Apparatus of Locomotion?22
2.2What Belongs to the Active Apparatus of Locomotion?24
3Development - From a Child to an Adolescent25
3.1Motor Development26
3.2Characteristic Forms of Behavior28
3.3The Holistic Method of Observation33
4Causes of Postural Defects and Deficiencies35
5Timing and Content of a Gymnastics Lesson Specifically for Children and Adolescents38
6Tips and Sample Exercises for Warming up41
6.1Greeting or Getting-to-Know Games41
6.2Warm-up Phase42
7Exercises for Strengthening and Stretching the Lower Extremities45
7.1Strengthening and Stretching Foot and Calf Muscles46
Exercises 1-12
7.2Strengthening and Stretching Leg and Hip Muscles58
Exercises 13-43
8Exercises for Stabilizing and Stretching Trunk Muscles89
Exercises 44-63
9Exercises for Strengthening and Stretching the Upper Extremities109
Exercises 64-79
10Exercises for Strengthening the Whole Body125
Exercises 80-84
11Identifying Disturbances in Balance130
11.1Exercises for Balance Training131
Exercises 85-89
12Identifying Disturbances in Coordination136
12.1Exercises for Coordinative Training138
Exercises 90-95
13Perception - Physical and Spatial Orientation144
13.1Exercises for Perception146
Exercises 96-100
14Sample Exercise Programs151
15Games with that Extra Something154
16Some Words of Advice in the Case of Sports Injuries159
16.1Emergency Measures159
16.2Consequences of Overstrain161
17Important Principles for Nutrition163
Photo & Illustration Credits168

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