Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Losing Weight When Diets Fail or Diagnosis

Losing Weight When Diets Fail: The Clinically Proven Power Program

Author: Tom Kersting

Your subconscious mind is like a computer, says author Dr. Tom Kersting. For years you've been programming it with eating habits that make you overweight. The Kersting solution for losing weight and keeping it off is power programming,-his method for uninstalling the subconscious mind's make-me-fat software and replacing it with new programming that will make you want to exercise and eat wholesome foods in moderation.

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Diagnosis: Cancer: Your Guide to the First Months of Healthy Survivorship

Author: Wendy Schlessel Harpham

The book you need to make the right decisions and get good care fromdiagnosis through treatment. This classic work by a physician survivor has helped thousands of cancer patients and their families. Now updated with the latest information on diagnosis and treatment, it provides expanded information and advice that helps Healthy Survivors through the accompanying challenges. New to this edition is the Harpham's Decision Tool, a unique chart for deciding on your best course of treatment. A succinct and empowering book for those diagnosed with any type of cancer, Diagnosis: Cancer covers all the important topics that will help you through these months of turmoil, including information on clinical trials and alternative therapies, as well as how to use the medical system. This book will guide you to act most effectively for the best care, while nourishing hope. 5 b/w illustrations.

Author Biography: Wendy Harpham is the author of After Cancer and When a Parent Has Cancer. A nationally recognized speaker, she lives in Dallas with her family. Her awards include the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship's Natalie Davis Spingarn Writer's Award, the Lymphoma Research Foundation's Ellen Glesby Cohen Leadership Award, and the Texas Governor's Award for Health. One is faced with the diagnosis of cancer, this is the one. (Leonard A. Zwelling, MD, Vice President for Research Administration, The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center)

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