Saturday, February 21, 2009

Arthritis or Bathing Without a Battle


Author: John D Clough

Many books about disease promise cures. Sufferers often go from one book to another without getting better. Between 10 and 20 percent of Americans of all ages will suffer from some sort of arthritis. Despite hundreds of prescription and over-the-counter products that target "the aches and pains of arthritis," it is frequently misunderstood. There are dozens of types of arthritis, some serious and life-threatening. Figuring out what type of arthritis a person has is key to the treatment and overall risk of disability a patient may have. This guide provides a straightforward and clear examination of arthritis and serves as a complete home reference for anyone.

Book review: The Irritable Bowel Syndrome SourceBook or Drink Up

Bathing Without a Battle: Personal Care of Individuals with Dementia

Author: Philip D Sloan

This book presents an individualized, problem solving approach to bathing and personal care of individuals with dementia. Based on extensive original research and clinical experience, the editors and their contributors have developed strategies and techniques that work in both institutional and home settings. Their approach is also appropriate for caregiving activities other than bathing. Readers will find practice guidelines, transfer techniques, lists of suppliers of bathing equipment, and the description of a complete training program for direct caregivers. Illustrations, charts, checklists, and relevant websites are provided throughout.


Suggests ways to mitigate the distress and discomfort experienced during bathing by elderly people with dementia. The 13 chapters identify possible sources of distress, and recommend an in-bed towel bath as a successful alternative to showers. The guide is primarily intended for institutions, but home caregivers should also find it useful. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

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