Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Guia Sobre la Hepatitis C or The Forever Factor

Guia Sobre la Hepatitis C: Para la Comunidad Hispana

Author: Samuel J Daniel

Written by three eminent health experts and geared particularly to the Latino community, this book is a complete sourcebook on Hepatitis C—a disease of the liver that, if treated early, can be cured or controlled, but if ignored, is often incurable. Authoritative, compassionate, and easy to understand, this book begins with a description of the liver and its functions, then goes on to detail the facts about Hepatitis C, its causes, and its symptoms. Step-by-step information on what diagnostic tests can be expected at a health care facility, in-depth explanations of the latest treatment options such as the new combination Interferon–Ribavirin treatments, and comprehensive facts on liver transplants complete the book's discussion of both diagnosis and treatment.


Book review: The Power of Focus or The Heart of Change

The Forever Factor: Add Years to Your Life, and Life to Your Years

Author: James J Barber

Baby boomers worldwide face the daily challenges of getting older. Diminishing appearance, energy, and health are seemingly inevitable, but scientific and medical breakthroughs provide new hope! In this new book, The Forever Factor, Dr. James Barber attacks aging at its very causes -- suggesting methods that prevent and counteract its effects. The Forever Factor is a comprehensive resource that illustrates how simple changes in diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation, and attitude can dramatically change the rate at which the body ages. The Forever Factor offers the easiest, most effective way to add years to your life, and life to your years.

Table of Contents:
Part IMeet James J. Barber, MD1
Back to the Beginning3
Selecting a Course7
Finding a Focus13
Four Basic Theories of Aging15
Developing a Philosophy31
Part IIArmed Against Aging35
An Apple a Day37
Exercising Your Options60
Wise and Loving Union74
The Brain: Use it or Lose It79
Putting Your Best Face Forward85
Stress--Can't Live With (Too Much of) It And Can't Live Without (Any of) It99
Utilizing the Principle of Balance110
Letting the Best of Your Emerge117
Conscious of Consequences123
Get Going With Goals126
Part IIIAttitudes of Aging133
Your Genes Won't Kill You135
Breaking Out of the Aging Trap139
How to Look in the Mirror and Like What You See145
Don't Turn to the Obituary Page First155
Lighten Up161
Part IVAgeless Possibilities167
Philosophy of Life169
"Love is a Many Splendored Thing"172
Finding Yourself185
Life is Our Greatest Gift191
Determining Your Biological Age199
The Future is Now201
About the Author209

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