Friday, November 27, 2009

Marabout or Refined To Real Food

Marabout: Adelgazar

Author: Editors of Larousse Marabout

These smaller-format books give sixty tips on how to reach personal goals such as loosing weight, reducing stress, or dealing with headaches. Each two-page spread gives an overview, specific examples, sources of additional information, and a summary.

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Refined To Real Food: Moving Your Family Toward Healthier, Wholesome Eating

Author: Allison Anneser

It's easy to give in to the convenience of processed foods, in spite of the negative health effects that result from eating foods low in nutrients and high in additives. Many families today want to re-connect with real food, but the prospect of "going organic" is overwhelming, especially when children are involved.
Refined to Real Food is a step-by-step program to make the transition to the right food for our families. the result is a natural (and appealing) daily diet and a healthier family. Included in the book are chapters on feeding health food to children, recipes, and an extensive resource section.
A certified teacher with thirteen years of experience, Allison Anneser has worked extensively with children, parents and the community. Her networks of health experts and like-minded colleagues have provided important collaboration and feedback for her book from people who know and care about real food. Dr. Sara Thyr is a naturopathic doctor who has helped hundreds of people to experience better health by altering their eating habits.

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